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Working cooperatively with others towards achieving a shared goal.
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  • Skill Story: Step 0 to Step 1
    Support learners to understand the concepts that underpin Teamwork steps 0 and 1, by reading this short and engaging Skill Story.
  • Self Assessment Resource: Step 0 to Step 5
    Support learners to record when they have demonstrated Teamwork steps 0-5, by printing this Essential Skills Passport. This resource is now a downloadable interactive PDF and can be used either in print or digitally.
  • Skill Assembly: Step 0 to Step 6
    This assembly supports learners to understand key concepts related to the early steps of Teamwork. It starts by defining the skill and considering key themes, before identifying the skill in action. The themes are explored through three simple exercises, followed by a chance to reflect on their own skills.
  • Display Material: Step 0 to Step 15
    Support learners with additional needs to focus tightly on specific skill steps of Teamwork by displaying these posters of the Skills Builder Expanded Universal Framework.
  • Short Lesson: Step 0
    In this short lesson, learners work together to create a quick sketch on 'working positively'.
  • Short Lesson: Step 0
    In this short lesson, learners share advice they would give to someone who is struggling to work positively.
  • Skill Workshop: Step 0 to Step 10
    This workshop will cover Steps 0-10 of the Skills Builder Universal Framework for Teamwork. The steps are grouped in three stages: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
  • Skill Workbook: Step 0 to Step 10
    This interactive workbook allows learners to gather a bank of evidence for building their own Teamwork skills at Steps 0-10 of the Skills Builder Universal Framework for essential skills.
  • Video: Step 0 to Step 15
    This video explores the key themes of Teamwork - a great way to introduce the skill to your learners.
  • Reward System: Step 0 to Mixed
    Support learners to recognise when they are applying Teamwork skills successfully by rewarding them with this colourful certificate. This resource can either be printed out or edited digitally.