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The use of imagination and the generation of new ideas.
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Step 0

Learner Descriptor

Learners imagine different situations

Teacher Explanation

Learners can imagine different situations


  • Go Explore Premium
    Project: Step 0
    In this project, learners build substeps up to Step 0 in Problem Solving, Creativity and Staying Positive as they consider: What do you treasure? They reflect on what makes their learning environment special and what they treasure! Learners design, plan, and lead their own ‘Explorer Treasure Hunt’.
  • Project: Step 0
    In this project, learners build Step 0 in Listening, Creativity and Teamwork as they consider: What shall we wear? They explore the world of fashion and costumes by designing and making their very own hats and tops.
  • Gallery Opening Premium
    Project: Step 0 to Step 1
    In this project, learners build Steps 0 and 1 in Speaking, Creativity and Aiming High as they consider: How can we celebrate art? They create and curate a whole-group gallery of their own artwork.