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The use of imagination and the generation of new ideas.
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Step 6

Learner Descriptor

Learners use creativity in the context of work

Teacher Explanation

Learners use creativity in the context of work


  • Self Assessment Resource: Step 4 to Step 6
    Support learners to reflect on how they have applied Steps 4-6 in all eight essential skills by printing this double-sided Essential Skill Record.
  • Short Lesson: Step 6
    In this short lesson, learners consider how creativity is used in three different professions.
  • Video: Step 0 to Step 15
    This video explores the key themes of Creativity - a great way to introduce the skill to your learners.
  • Skill Assembly: Step 0 to Step 6
    An assembly to introduce the eight essential skills - version: Getting Started. Explore more resources by going to your Dashboard.