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  • Design Company Premium
    Project: Step 3 to Step 4
    Learners apply Steps 3 and 4 of Creativity, Leadership and Teamwork. Discovering the colourful world of graphic design, learners design their own logo for a product. As graphic designers, students will learn how to use text and image to portray brand identity, develop a prototype and sell their designs.
  • Number Games Premium
    Project: Step 4 to Step 5
    In this project, learners build Steps 4 and 5 in Problem Solving, Creativity and Staying Positive as they consider: How can we make learning fun? They research, design, draft and make a new educational game for younger learners.
  • Project: Step 5 to Step 6
    In this project, learners build Steps 5 and 6 in Problem Solving, Creativity and Aiming High as they consider: What makes a community successful? They plan a new development for their community, including community research, architecture, engineering and construction.