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  • Skill Assembly: Step 0 to Step 6
    This assembly supports learners to understand key concepts related to the early steps of Leadership. It starts by defining the skill and considering key themes, before identifying the skill in action. The themes are explored through three simple exercises, followed by a chance to reflect on their own skills.
  • Project: Step 2 to Step 3
    In this project, learners build Steps 2 and 3 in Speaking, Creativity and Leadership as they consider: How can we develop an environmentally-friendly product? They design, build and pitch a new toy made from recycled materials.
  • Display Material: Step 0 to Step 15
    Support learners with additional needs to focus tightly on specific skill steps of Leadership by displaying these posters of the Skills Builder Expanded Universal Framework.
  • Short Lesson: Step 0
    In this short lesson, learners name emotions and reflect on when they have felt these feelings in the past.
  • Short Lesson: Step 1
    In this short lesson, learners share how they feel in response to a piece of music.
  • Short Lesson: Step 2
    In this short lesson, learners identify how someone is feeling by looking at their facial expression and body language.
  • Short Lesson: Step 3
    In this short lesson, learners consider the jobs required to set up a fair and how these could be shared out fairly amongst a team.
  • Short Lesson: Step 4
    In this short lesson, learners consider how long different tasks should take and how to manage time well to be successful.
  • Short Lesson: Step 5
    In this short lesson, learners plan a meeting by writing an agenda, deciding who to invite and thinking through logistics.
  • Short Lesson: Step 6
    In this short lesson, learners make an independent decision, then consider other perspectives and how this may affect their own ideas.